MEMA Cloud Planting Opens A New Chapter in Thailand’s Cannabis Industry

According to data, the number of countries that have completed the legalization of cannabis has increased from 50 in 2019 to 70 in 2021. As the region with the fastest progress in the legalization of cannabis in the world, cannabis consumers in the United States are expected to increase from 47 million in 2020 to 71 million in 2030. From a global perspective, the market size of the global cannabis industry will increase to US $58.7 billion in 2024. The CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) from 2020 to 2024 will be close to 19%, with a bright market prospect.

Media reports said that with Thailand’s announcement of removing cannabis from the drug control list, Thailand has also become the first country in Asia to legalize cannabis. Most professionals believe that the legalization of cannabis is becoming increasingly obvious overseas, and the cannabis industry is showing an upward trend. Meanwhile, cannabis cultivation has created a new model, from traditional offline cultivation to online cloud cultivation with technological innovation. For instance, you can earn more profits and benefits at home through the new model of cannabis cultivation in MEMA Cloud.

Anutin, the leader of the Bhumjaithai Party, the main cooperative party of the multiparty government in Thailand, has been actively promoting the legalization of cannabis and making it a cash crop. Anutin said he hoped all parties could make full use of cannabis to create value in medical applications, R&D, as well as the development of the cannabis industry, so as to create employment opportunities and income for the masses. Hence, this is an excellent development opportunity for the cannabis industry. There are a lot of people preparing to join the MEMA cloud planting project with full of enthusiasm and confidence.

Under the background of the legalization of cannabis planting, Thailand has become one of the most suitable countries for cannabis planting and cultivation. MEMA is a pioneer in the cloud planting technology and marketing of cannabis in Thailand. MEMA employs well-paid world-class agronomists and manufacturing experts, adopts the most advanced agricultural equipment in the world, and seriously treats every link from planting to sales. By strictly controlling the planting, manufacture, extraction, packaging, and practice of cannabis, product purity and quality are guaranteed.

Planting and trading cannabis in Thailand is no longer a criminal act. Cafes and restaurants can provide food and drink containing cannabis as long as the content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the product is less than 0.2%. Thailand’s move is not only aimed at promoting economic development but also committed to shining in the medical cannabis market. As a company with the significance of reform and innovation in cannabis cultivation, we independently developed the cloud planting SAAS platform “MEMA”. It has a complete supporting system integrating the supply and sales chain, intelligent planting decision-making system, management system, logistics services, and supply-chain finance together to cater to the government’s policy on cannabis and rapidly drive the development of the economic market. For individuals, such an unprecedented and novel planting method has greatly saved the cost and time of cannabis planting. People can plant cannabis easily and efficiently through cellphones anytime and anywhere, and easily make more profits.

MEMA cloud planting has created a new model. Using the new concept of “cloud planting”, it combined theory with practice and opened a new chapter in Thailand’s cannabis industry. MEMA adheres to the business operation mode of “putting planting personnel and consumers first and integrating production, acquisition, and sales”. This order-oriented cultivation mode not only helps the planters increase production and income but also meets the needs of consumers, which is very wonderful for realizing precise sales easily.

MEMA’s first offline cannabis experience store opened in Phuket on December 21. From applications to cannabis planting farms to the opening of the first cannabis store, MEMA has always adhered to the “three-to-one” online and offline service tenet, constantly expanding business space and making every effort to create an excellent brand image. Besides, all users of the MEMA development cloud planting team can apply to operate MEMA stores for free. The company will wholeheartedly assist with its site selection, decoration design, and recruitment. Based on the actual situation of the commercial area, the company will develop a one-to-one marketing strategy to provide advertising design support for the media publicity of each store, enabling it to attract customers immediately. The above measures are efforts made by MEMA for better development of the cannabis cloud planting team. I hope more and more people can join us.

On the whole, relying on mature Internet technology and practicing the scientific planting concept, the MEMA project has opened a new chapter in Thailand’s cannabis industry in line with the current popular platform economic model. MEMA organically combines online planting with internet visualization and expands an online entertainment and leisure mode to meet consumers’ demand for high-quality products as well. Isn’t it wonderful to kill two birds with one stone?

Through the new model of MEMA cannabis cloud cultivation, planters can deepen their understanding of cannabis cultivation. At the same time, researchers are able to explore more related fields such as smart networks and the medicinal value of cannabis. As a laboratory-level company integrating production, sales, and research and development, we are confident to lead more people in Thailand to grow their own cannabis online to improve their income level. Doing is better than expecting. Come and join us!


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